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ArchosFans Christmas Video Review – Trashing the iPhone

Posted by Charbax on 23rd December 2007 presents this video review of the best Christmas present of Christmas 2007: the Archos 605 WiFi – showing also the iPhone and its competitors, the Amazon Kindle and the OLPC XO in the background. Trashing PDAs.

HD quality: See the video in HD quality (3500kbit/s, 1280×720, DivX, 221mb)

DVD quality: See the video in DVD quality (1200kbit/s, 640×360, DivX, 84mb) Download

Available at: Blip, Dailymotion, Google, Myspace, Photobucket, Putfile, Sevenload, Sumo, Vsocial, Yahoo, Youtube

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Coming soon: Archos HSDPA with more VOD, music, tv, social networking and GPS services

Posted by Charbax on 23rd December 2007

In the latest investors update, Archos is confirming that their next development will be to release a HSDPA powered Archos device in collaboration with HSDPA service providers. They are also planing to phase out Mp3 players and players that are not connected to the Internet, such as the 105, 204 and 405.

These are the features which I expect from the HSDPA device, which Archos could perhaps announce at CES on January 5-11th in Las Vegas, to fit the announcement nicely just before the MacWorld, but I guess that Archos might prefer to not show it yet since it might also still be in development to integrate advanced features such as:

- VOIP if not able to convince Skype to work with them, then SIP for sure,
- GPS or somekind of mobile antenna triangulation for providing positionning services
- A more compact form factor (smaller buttons on each side of the touch-screen)
- Google Android integration for access to Android apps on HSDPA,
- WiFi should also still stay (deals can thus only be with HSDPA providers that allow WiFi and VOIP),
- Device for 1€ with a 6-12-24 month 20€ per month subscription to the Archos Content Portal and to services such as VOIP-out,
- More VOD content providers including services that provide film and music subscriptions for unlimited access to all content, possible content providers for the Content Portal in the EU, in Asia and in the USA such as Circuit City, Best Buy, WalMart, Amazon and Vongo.
- Better VOD integration, easier than through current HTML and Javascript navigation to get access to the whole web’s video content,
- Powerful Social Networking integration layers in more than just Widgets such as “Party Finder”, “Sports Meetup”, “Politics Meetup”, “Dating”, Facebook apps, Instant Messaging, Chat, Twitter/Jaiku, Open Social with GPS and more..
- Archos needs a deal with Nintendo for legal pay-per-game access to all NES and SNES games through emulation, requires buttons are on each side of the screen to provide a usable interface for gaming.

Hopefully that all current 605 WiFi owners will also have access to all these HSDPA features through firmware updates and the possible availabillity of a new HSDPA Dock that would look a bit like the Battery Dock, and comes to add HSDPA connectivity to the 5th generation. Although the next generation Archos device with built-in HSDPA will be the more compact and better optimized solution.

How soon will this device be officially unveiled and be launched around the world? I wouldn’t be able to know exactly, it may be unveiled as soon as CES, and it may not be released for many months, but I think Archos has been working on 3G integration for more than a year already, so perhaps the technology is about to be ready for them by now.

Perhaps the only barrier to launching would be interesting bandwidth deals with the established HSDPA providers that exist today in most countries. I think Archos may do it a little bit like Amazon does it with the Kindle on EV-DO. Provide the machine for an attractive price with a 20€ content subscription and the HSDPA bandwidth being included since the money to pay for that bandwidth is included in the price of the VOD content. That does require that HSDPA bandwidth will be sufficient to support video streaming, so perhaps there will be lower bitrate versions of some videos optimized for HSDPA delivery from certain VOD stores, while I guess streaming Flash video bitrates at around 300kbit/s should be ok for using on HSDPA today. Thus for access to free content, there would be a prepaid per-100mb bandwidth fee, 1€ or less per 100mb, perhaps even 1€ per GB, if that can cover HSDPA bandwidth costs, then that would make this business model very attractive.

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ARCHOS 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi Portable Media Players to Connect With DISH Network(R) Receivers for High-Speed Movie and TV Show Transfers

Posted by Charbax on 17th December 2007

Consumers who long to transfer their favorite movies and TV programs from their DISH Network® (NASDAQ: DISH) receivers to their ARCHOS Portable Media Players (PMPs) can now do so in record time through a simple plug-in download. The plug-in is offered exclusively to DISH Network subscribers with a VIP722(TM) or VIP622(TM) high-definition receiver, and is compatible with the ARCHOS 705 WiFi and 605 WiFi players. The plug-in is available today at The full line of Archos PMPs are available today at many retail outlets. Beginning in January, the Archos 605 and 705 models will also be available at retail outlets where DISH Network satellite TV service is sold.

“The DISH Network plug-in will allow consumers to transfer content faster than real-time from their DISH Network receiver to an Archos PMP. A two-hour movie can be transferred in just a few minutes,” said Henri Crohas, founder and chief executive officer at ARCHOS. “Now DISH Network subscribers with a VIP622 or VIP722 receiver can experience the fastest transfer times to their ARCHOS players, getting them out of the house faster and enjoying their favorite TV shows anywhere and anytime.”

The exclusive ARCHOS plug-in for DISH Network customers is part of a larger strategic alliance between parent company EchoStar Communications Corporation and ARCHOS that has been in place for almost three years. EchoStar partnered with ARCHOS in 2005 as the primary provider in their portable device strategy because of ARCHOS’ reputation as an innovator and manufacturer of the most advanced PMPs on the market.

ARCHOS 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi demonstrations, including the high-speed content transfer from DISH Network’s receivers, will be on display in the EchoStar booth — Central Hall #9020 — at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2008.


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Moovyplay commercial

Posted by Charbax on 10th December 2007

Archos is now launching the Moovyplay together with CPFK in France. Which is a $100 40GB PMP without the screen and the battery. It also does not include video recording on the TV Dock, nor Internet browsing or playing own media files. This one also seems to have a special ultra fast speed proprietary connector. The way it works is like this:

- All video rental stores participating, for now hundreds in France, soon it will be up to over 2000 video rental stores in France, they each have a movie server with an unlimited amount of movies, currently over a thousand a digitized and made available on the 4 terrabytes of a movie server.

- The customer prepares at home his wish-list of up to 40 films which he would like to be on his Moovyplay. All the requested films are transfered by the clerk in the movie rental store, who can charge up to 5 Moovyplays at the same time per server at full more than 440mbit/s.

- The customer does not need to pay in advance. The payment can be done by a customer account which can be refilled over the Internet and activation of the movies can be done instantly over an SMS code.

- Thus now movie rental stores can have unlimited amount of choice, currently only limited by agreements that CPFK is working on with all the major movie studios. So in principle there could be a choice among more than 10 thousand movies. There is no need to return the movie to the store after it is watched. The system includes a ratings and recommendations system and trailers for hundreds of movies are preloaded. Currently the rent of a movie costs 4€ and the movie can be viewed during 48 hours after the play button has been pressed with the verification code.

- Initial pilots accross France have been quite successful according to initial reports. The initial goal is to ship 20 thousand Moovyplay units within a few weeks in quantities of hundreds per rental store. Initial price is 149€ including 5 movie rentals or for 7€ per month during 24 months.

Here is a video review of the device by GenerationMp3:

This product can probably be available in other countries in Europe and in the USA quite soon, all that is required is that other video rental franchises make an aggrement with Archos and CPFK to launch it worldwide. Hopefully Blockbuster is tempted. This is to be thought of an alternative to Video-On-Demand, it is to be thought as an alternative to online movie piracy. The goal being to provide as many good films as possible to everyone with as little bother as possible. You can’t load 40 films in 5 minutes over BitTorrent. With this, you just need one trip down to your local video-store. And this system will also be available in automated Moovyplay server machines which will be installed in supermarkets, kiosks and even in the streets to be available 24 hours. Currently the Generation5 is not compatible with the Moovyplay system. Perhaps the proprietary new connector is not compatible and perhaps it doesn’t work with USB transfers. This is thought of as the replacement for the DVD player and the DVD as a transitional solution until everyone has networks to support video-on-demand.

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Archos commercial by PopcornTeam

Posted by Charbax on 8th December 2007

Posted by PopcornTeam

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Archos commercial by f&c

Posted by Charbax on 8th December 2007

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Archos commercial by Bingofilm 3

Posted by Charbax on 8th December 2007

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Archos commercial by Bingofilm 2

Posted by Charbax on 8th December 2007

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Archos commercial by Bingofilm

Posted by Charbax on 8th December 2007

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Archos commercial by vinzkywalker

Posted by Charbax on 8th December 2007

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