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Chris DiBona Open Source Program Manager at Google likes Archos

Posted by Charbax on 29th November 2007

He says Archos is better than the iPod and the Zune, at least that’s what I understood of what he says in the latest Cranky Geeks episode 92 at

The Google Open Source Program Manager mentions Archos at about 19 minutes into the episode.

We should say though that he is not “into the loop” at Google, it’s not like anything he says has got to do with what Google is going to do. He isn’t saying that Google is going to buy Archos or anything like that. Although it would be awesome to see Google Gears implemented on the Archos 605 WiFi, to support faster Google Widgets, such as being able to use an optimized offline-enabled version of Gmail, Google Reader and Google Docs. Chris DiBona is just talking as an open source Linux fan, not representing Google, also he reviewed the Irex Iliad as an e-ink reader.

Not also is this in any way an indication that Archos might be interested to use Google Android on future HSDPA enabled Archos players.

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