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New firmware: Widgets, Games, Password protection of folders and files

Posted by Charbax on 28th November 2007

Version 1.7.06 – November 28, 2007

New features:

* Opera Widgets support
* Playin’Tv Games support
* Parental Control on files or folders (see Settings>Parental Control)
* Video Player: Play subsequent VOB files together as one file
* Video Player: Support for AC-3 in MPEG-TS
* TV Program Guide: Support longer descriptive text
* Video Recorder: Increased maximum number of possible consecutive recordings from 9 to 99 files
* USB Host: External device content is now accessible from the Video, Audio and Photo browsers
* USB Host: Allow copying files from a NTFS hard drive

Bug fixes:

* Video Browser: Filename in info window sometimes not consistent with name in browser (MTP)
* Video Player: Fixed issues with some MP4 files
* Video Recorder: Sometimes recording was done at double speed
* Recorder/Scheduler: Stopping the recording during pre-record preview did not delete the scheduled program
* File Browser: Content not updated when swapping two USB devices
* Automatic Time Setting: Synchronization sometimes failed

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