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Get the Archos 605 WiFi for 1€ in France!

Posted by Charbax on November 13th, 2007

Archos has just announced that one can get the Archos 605 WiFi 4GB with the DVR Station for 1€ with a 24-month 19,99€ subscribtion. That monthly subscription gives access to two movies per month on the new Archos Media Club.

This offer will be available to the rest of Europe and in the USA in 2008. This is the first package offer, other packages could be introduced. I would think it would be perfect if the 20€ monthly subscription included unlimited access to movies and music using some of those unlimited access packages, where new releases might cost a per-unit premium and where the first payment might be a bit higher then 1€ since an unlimited film and music package costs more then a 2 movie credits per month package.

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