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Chris DiBona Open Source Program Manager at Google likes Archos

Posted by Charbax on 29th November 2007

He says Archos is better than the iPod and the Zune, at least that’s what I understood of what he says in the latest Cranky Geeks episode 92 at

The Google Open Source Program Manager mentions Archos at about 19 minutes into the episode.

We should say though that he is not “into the loop” at Google, it’s not like anything he says has got to do with what Google is going to do. He isn’t saying that Google is going to buy Archos or anything like that. Although it would be awesome to see Google Gears implemented on the Archos 605 WiFi, to support faster Google Widgets, such as being able to use an optimized offline-enabled version of Gmail, Google Reader and Google Docs. Chris DiBona is just talking as an open source Linux fan, not representing Google, also he reviewed the Irex Iliad as an e-ink reader.

Not also is this in any way an indication that Archos might be interested to use Google Android on future HSDPA enabled Archos players.

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New firmware: Widgets, Games, Password protection of folders and files

Posted by Charbax on 28th November 2007

Version 1.7.06 – November 28, 2007

New features:

* Opera Widgets support
* Playin’Tv Games support
* Parental Control on files or folders (see Settings>Parental Control)
* Video Player: Play subsequent VOB files together as one file
* Video Player: Support for AC-3 in MPEG-TS
* TV Program Guide: Support longer descriptive text
* Video Recorder: Increased maximum number of possible consecutive recordings from 9 to 99 files
* USB Host: External device content is now accessible from the Video, Audio and Photo browsers
* USB Host: Allow copying files from a NTFS hard drive

Bug fixes:

* Video Browser: Filename in info window sometimes not consistent with name in browser (MTP)
* Video Player: Fixed issues with some MP4 files
* Video Recorder: Sometimes recording was done at double speed
* Recorder/Scheduler: Stopping the recording during pre-record preview did not delete the scheduled program
* File Browser: Content not updated when swapping two USB devices
* Automatic Time Setting: Synchronization sometimes failed

Read more about it at:

And discuss it in the forum:

This video was posted by

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Pocket-Lint awards Archos 605 WiFi best Mp3/PMP award infront of the iPod Touch

Posted by Charbax on 23rd November 2007

Best MP3/Portable Media Player
GOLD – Archos 605 Wi-Fi
SILVER – iPod Touch

See it here:, also posted at

Found by Andy W in the forum:

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CNET Prizefight: The Archos 605 WiFi is the superior gadget, beats iPod Touch

Posted by Charbax on 22nd November 2007

Check it out here:

The winner is…

Total points:

Archos 605 WiFi: 60

Apple iPod Touch: 54

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Archos HSDPA available next year

Posted by Charbax on 14th November 2007

Engadget talks about it now:

It’s been in the works at Archos for a while, now there will be a HSDPA SIM card equipped product from Archos to be released next year.

Already Archos is launching mobile phone like business model in France starting on the 1st of December with the 1€ payment for the 605 WiFi 4GB with the DVR Station with a two year 20€ per month content subscription.

I think that the deal not only could provide HSDPA access to the Archos Content Portal, with unlimited access to the HSDPA provider’s section of the portal and with per-GB fee for the rest of the content portal, with a cheap instant access to web-browsing, I also hope that it will include VOIP and possibly an open mobile Internet applications platform such as Google Android 2 to supplement with more functionalities then just built-in applications and browser based widgets.

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The Archos TV+ is launched!

Posted by Charbax on 13th November 2007

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Archos Moovyplay is launched!

Posted by Charbax on 13th November 2007

Moovyplay, the Dream Machine:

So far in test stores in France, CPFK has thousands of franchise stores that are supposed to provide this offer in all stores starting at the beginning of 2008. This will also be available later in 2008 in other countries in Europe and in USA, depending on partnerships that CPFK and Archos will do with other movie rental chains.


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Get the Archos 605 WiFi for 1€ in France!

Posted by Charbax on 13th November 2007

Archos has just announced that one can get the Archos 605 WiFi 4GB with the DVR Station for 1€ with a 24-month 19,99€ subscribtion. That monthly subscription gives access to two movies per month on the new Archos Media Club.

This offer will be available to the rest of Europe and in the USA in 2008. This is the first package offer, other packages could be introduced. I would think it would be perfect if the 20€ monthly subscription included unlimited access to movies and music using some of those unlimited access packages, where new releases might cost a per-unit premium and where the first payment might be a bit higher then 1€ since an unlimited film and music package costs more then a 2 movie credits per month package.

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Archos 605 WiFi vs. iPod Touch On BBC World’s Click Programme

Posted by Charbax on 8th November 2007

Watch it in wmv


Posted by Paul on the forum:

Archos wins of course.

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Archos 605 WiFi far outshines the iPod touch

Posted by Charbax on 1st November 2007

Read the review over there:

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