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RK reviews the browser

Posted by Charbax on 3rd October 2007

Posted by RK in this thread: “I didn’t expect the web browser to be this good, it’s really spectacular (for a mobile device) it renders web pages very well to fit the small screen, and it’s great for basic web browsing. But it tends to slow down on sites like digg, where there a lot of code to process. But it’s not at all bad because many of these resource intensive sites like digg and engadget have mobile version that are very lightweight and are designed to work on phones, there is even a mobile version of google maps that works completly lag free on the 605.”

NTFS formatted hard drives are readable on the USB host of the 605 WiFi, but data cannot be written from the Archos 605 WiFi to an NTFS hard drive for now. This is better than the Gen4 that couldn’t read from NTFS hard drives at all.

Browser loading times for different kinds of websites is being discussed in this thread:

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