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Big sites giving the 605 WiFi the most favorable reviews

Posted by Charbax on 19th September 2007

The 605 WiFi is getting some of the best all time reviews on quite a few top sites:

All those big sites seem to say that the Archos 605 WiFi is the best PMP available today.

Only a couple of Apple fanboy reviewer seems to prefer the iPod Touch as a PMP:,1759,2164240,00.asp (Tim Gideon writing PMP reviews for PCmag really is an Apple fanboy) (awesome video review, but in their conclusion they are Apple fanboys)

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Into Tomorrow at IFA 2007

Posted by Charbax on 18th September 2007

Rémi Durand, who I also interviewed at IFA 2007, talks with Dave Graveline about the Gen5 at IFA 2007 which was a couple of weeks ago.

Found at

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Archos in the UK, discounts and the content portal starts

Posted by Charbax on 16th September 2007

QVC had a deal for the 605 WiFi 160GB, the DVR Station Gen5, the Web-browser plugin and the Battery-Dock for 297£ (433€), that’s a 125£ (180€) discount for the bundle. I expect we could soon see many more bundles like it. It all depends on the quantities that Archos will be able to deliver in the next days, weeks and months. Read about this QVC bundle discount here:

The UK version of the Archos Content Portal has been activated with Euronews, Dailymotion and Arts Alliance Media’s Vizumi video-on-demand offering which you can see at

The price seems to be a 2.99£ rental price for all films. That’s ok for a start, but I think it can really take off when they don’t stay at physical movie renting prices and take into account that it costs them much less to deliver the movie digitally over the Internet then to stock DVDs in stores, so the price should be at least half that, maybe even 0.5£-1£ per movie rental, at least for all the movies that were released on VOD longer then 3 months before. And they should make available the whole digitized catalogues that they have the rights for so the customer is really overwhelmed with choice. At that point I think this system can really take off cause it would be better for most people than piracy and p2p, and sales of the 605 WiFi could absolutely sky rocket.

I also think that Archos should provide an overlay content recommendation system, so users vote thumbs up/thumbs down for any content from the content portal as well as rating users personal files and then could get personalised neutral recommendations from accross the whole content portal. Discuss the UK version of the Archos Content Portal here:

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Archos is well positionned

Posted by Charbax on 12th September 2007

Archos is now shipping the complete Gen5 worldwide [view pdf doc]. The 705 WiFi and the TV+ are going to be available starting in the beginning of October.

Archos Gen5 vs Ipod G6

Amazon has started shipping the 605 WiFi 160GB, check the latest about it in the forums:

Also check out the special deal on the 605 WiFi 30GB for $239 instead of $299 when logging into your MySpace account and clicking on a special link:

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Can the 605 WiFi be subsidized by the big US retailer/content partners?

Posted by Charbax on 8th September 2007

Following is speculation on my part:

Normally both Best Buy and Circuit City will carry the 605 WiFi this Christmas season in the USA:

Those Archos Content Portal pages don’t mean the deals are signed yet, but they most probably imply that Archos USA must be trying to get the shelve space necessary before Christmas in all those big stores in the USA, also counting on being able to ship satisfactory stock cause big stores like best Buy and Circuit City probably hate it if there isn’t enough stock delivered on time to meet demand if the demand will grow quickly. Hopefully also that Wal-Mart will provide shelve space as well as the content on the Archos Content Portal.

It’s all up to the big retailer to be convinced by Archos USA to sign interesting deals. Getting low margins and maybe even selling the hardware at a loss, while earning margins on accessories, plugins and especially on signing customers up for 12-month or 24-month subscriptions on their online content portals. For example, any of Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart could basically give out the 605 WiFi 4GB for less then 99 dollars when the customer signs a 24-month contract at 9 dollars per month subscription for unlimited films and music access through the Archos Content Portal. But since this would be a kind of a large commitment, it might take a bit of convincing of the representatives of those big retailers and content providers. Since some might or might not be stocking the new iPods, they may want to push an alternative to the iPod/iTunes this Christmas, and if Archos can satisfy the demand with sufficient deliveries, then some of those big retailers might want to try that strategy out this Christmas.

It’s all up to the content providers to have attractive subscription deals for music and movies in the USA. If any content provider in the USA wants to market this kind of unlimited access to movies and music for a fixed monthly fee, then the Archos Content Portal will support it today. So combine a monthly subscription with a 12-month or 24-month contract, and you’ve got margins that lets the partner sell the 605 WiFi hardware subsidized to make it even more attractive then the 199 dollar 4GB price.

This is how I see (remember, I have absolutely no official information about this pricing model actually being in consideration by any of Archos or it’s retailer/content partners) the 605 WiFi becoming the americans favourite christmas present:

605 WiFi 4GB + 12-month $10 unlimited music/movies subscription contract = $100
605 WiFi 4GB + 24-month $10 unlimited music/movies subscription contract = $1

605 WiFi 30GB + 12-month $10 unlimited music/movies subscription contract = $150
605 WiFi 30GB + 24-month $10 unlimited music/movies subscription contract = $50

605 WiFi 160GB + 12-month $10 unlimited music/movies subscription contract = $250
605 WiFi 160GB + 24-month $10 unlimited music/movies subscription contract = $150

and so on.. I think though that the unlimited could have a little exception saying that if the movie or music in question has been released less than 3 months prior, then it might cost an additionnal for example $2 per movie or $2 per album to get access to. So the unlimited access could be limited to all content that is older then 3 months. In the contract, there could be a $100 or $200 cancellation fee depending if the user still has less then 12-month or less then 24-month left in the contract.

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Interview at IFA 2007

Posted by Charbax on 5th September 2007

Interview with Rémi Durand, Archos products manager and marketing director at IFA 2007 on the 4th of September in Berlin Germany. This video explains a lot of things about the Gen5, the new business model of the Archos Content Portal, the flash support, widgets, HD, the battery dock and more. This was filmed as a part of a bunch of interviews that I filmed of all the best companies and products that I could find at IFA 2007 and I am posting all the videos at

Archos at IFA 2007

DivX HD: Play, Download, Stage6

Flash versions: Blip, Facebook, Google, Metacafe, Photobucket, Putfile, Revver, Sevenload, Veoh, Vimeo, Vsocial, Yahoo, Youtube

Archos compatible downloads: avi from Metacafeavi from Blip

You can discuss this video in the forum:

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