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Huge partners in the Archos Content Portal

Posted by Charbax on August 22nd, 2007

This was discovered by Plissken007 in the ArchosLounge forums. He simply opened up the provider.xml file in the /system/ folder on his 605 WiFi 30GB which has been available since the 15th of July in French Fnac stores and in the European Union from Archos official website. This has been verified by other users and following are proven by actual test-sites hosted on an subdomain which you can see on clicking on the proof links beneath.

These are the very probable partners of Archos to provide video-on-demand and music download services for the USA in the Archos Content Portal:

- Best Buy proof

That’s only like one of the biggest consumer electronics retail store in the USA isn’t it, or is it the biggest? And it’s got video-on-demand and music services also. Probably has deals with all the major movie and music producers so they have on-demand distributing rights to virtualy all majors movie and music content.

- Cirtuit City proof

It’s like Best Buy isn’t it. They got everything and they plan to sell everything online in terms of video-on-demand and music. The deal here, just as with Best Buy, and if Wal-Mart goes with it also, is for those retailers to agree to take a smaller margin on the actual hardware, thus being able to mass market the 605 WiFi starting at $199 this Christmas season, and in return, those retailers get to register people on their video-on-demand an music download service. So one way they can compete, is by providing bundled credit and subscriptions for their online content services.


- Amazon

We’re probably talking Amazon Unbox video-on-demand, and does Amazon also have a music service coming up? Also this could be combined with ordering of anything on Amazon in a user-friendly interface compatible with touch-screen and on-TV viewing.

- MovieLink

Recently bought by Blockbuster. So imagine not only the Movielink now in the Archos Content Portal. Imagine also Moovyplay could be licenced by Blockbuster as a trial. Thus you could connect your Gen5 Archos or a Moovyplay to a MovieLink 24h/24 distributor on which you would load from a collection of thousands of films at full USB2 speeds, with renting, owning and subscription models available.

- Vongo

“Members pay a flat fee of US$9.99 per month, and have access to unlimited downloads during the 30 day period.”

Wouldn’t you find it awesome to get access to thousands of films for a flat $10 fee per month? I would certainly like to have that kind of service, one that really gives access to all the films of the world for a flat fee. I don’t think Vongo yet has the rights for all the films of the world, but I guess Vongo is working towards that, and possibly that all major movie producers will sign up for this model seing that it does provide an interesting business model for them with income that can only grow the more users subscribe to it.


AOL isn’t just AOL is it, that’s like the same company as Time Warner, CNN, it owns a lot of stuff doesn’t it. AOL has like all sorts of things including video and music on-demand. Just look at under “Company purchases” there are like 3 dozen companies owned by AOL, most of them providing content on-demand like Engadget for example is owned by AOL, so imagine a special touch-screen and TV compatible interface for Engadget videos and reviews.

- Youtube

Would be awesome to have it just as Dailymotion in a nice touch-screen and TV friendly interface in the Archos Content Portal. With the advantage over iPhone’s Youtube integration, that here you’ve got access to the absolute complete Youtube in instant nice full screen quality. Maybe they can even integrate the Comments, Ratings, Save to Favorites, Add to Playlist and more features. Maybe even integrate the upcomming advertising model as nice overlay targetted ads. A business model for independant video producers and a huge if not the hugest source of video content on the Internet.

- Alcatel Media Motion

I think Alcatel knows everything about IPTV, so I guess this could include having access to like thousands of TV channels through streaming. This could perfectly happen now, imagine a system that gives you access to every single channel from the whole world, in nice 1mbit/s or more quality. This can be done using Alcatel networks and their IPTV technology. And Alcatel also leads in terms of digital terrestrial DVB-SH television (combines satellite and terrestrial for more portable coverage then DVB-T), though this would require a module or a Gen6 hardware.

Following additionnal partners are specific for France:

- proof

Competitor of Fnac in terms of providing video-on-demand and music download services.

- Orange proof

Which is France Telecom. Orange is preparing an unlimited music and movies service for early next year. And already now they have completes catalogues of movies and music for on-demand access in France. All the 5 million Livebox ADSL2+ connections in France may receive a firmware update which would provide free Wi-Fi hotspot access in such 5 million hotspots around France, also Orange does HSDPA and thus a HSDPA version of the 605 or of a Gen6 hardware, I think, probably is in development.

Following is my speculation: A HSDPA Archos could be sold for a very cheap subsidised 99€ price, including a 12 month 10€ per month minimum Archos Content Portal usage on a personal account, which automatically is billed. Orange’s content would be unlimited while other Archos Content Portal content and any other VOIP, IM and normal browsing would cost a certain per GB fee, if Orange can do it at around 1€ per GB including taking a cut from the other content in the Archos Content Portal, I think that would be very reasonable.

Partner for the UK:

- Arts Alliance Media‘s Vizumi video-on-demand network.

“AAM’s Vizumi Network currently carries content from 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. and independents such as Momentum, Tartan, Icon, Artificial Eye and Revolver.”

You can discuss all these new partners in the forum:

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