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Mashup filter to collaboratively reformat Web 2.0 for Gen5

Posted by Charbax on August 18th, 2007

It’d be nice with a user-friendly mashup engine a bit like which would let us take any interactive website, do somekind of code replacement mechanisms, and thus output a different version of for example which would load for example smaller pictures, and provide only direct links to the most compatible h264 encodings from there. Anyone know how we could collaborate to reformat the dynamic web to make it better fit on the Archos also in terms of reformatting the way video sources are displayed? Should Archos release an SDK for making Gen5 optimized interfaces?

And imagine the same kind of mashup system so we could be working on simple compatible versions of stage6, simplified user interfaces to make all of Youtube, Google Video, Kewego and others look as simple as the way Dailymotion looks in the Archos Content Portal.

Basically, what we need, is somekind of filter system which let’s us explain to the script where to look in the HTML code, and how to simply change the pages to make the page smaller, more user friendly on a smaller screen as well as only providing direct links to compatible videos instead of all this embedded stuff which doesn’t work and which is only suitable for large screens.

Maybe there already exists some systems like this that have been developped to let users collaboratively reformat web 2.0 to make it fit better on mobile phones, PDAs and such, and probably that there already exists filters that simply changes embedded videos into links. Most probably that filters like this are also under development for the iPhone.

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