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Suggestion: The Archos bluetooth remote control watch

Posted by Charbax on 16th August 2007

It’d be nice for Gen6 or with a bluetooth module for Gen5 to have a bluetooth watch that works as a remote control to the Archos that could stay in the pocket. The watch could have a color screen, but try to stay as thin as possible. And it would be charged overnight with a watch charger dock that could stay by the bed, and thus it could also replace the alarm clock.

Click more to see some pictures of what it could look like:
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Moovyplay starts with 14GB and comes with HDMI

Posted by Charbax on 16th August 2007

According to, CPFK is investing $40 million in this Moovyplay system, which is a revolutionary movie rental system in which Archos is delivering the hardware.

The 14GB storage that is menchionned sounds like a strange storage amount, I don’t know which type of hard disk would provide that specific amount of storage. I wonder if they mixed it up with 20GB or 30GB. Cause 14GB for 30-40 movies would mean each “DVD quality” movie would be at a minimum of 350-460MB per movie, that might be a bit low. Although, it’s maybe counting on shorter length movies, and they may be encoded using the more efficient h264 codec.

It’s interesting that it includes the HDMI cable for the 139€ launch price. That should make it future proof for HD 720p content, thus a nice competitor to HDDVD and Blueray renting. I guess that 14GB could store at least 4-5 high definition movies in very nice 1280×720 quality, that would at least look great as long as Archos can upscale to the HDMI connector.

In the article, it is said, CPFK plans to expand this offer to Spain, Italy, Germany, the U.K., and ultimately to the U.S. In the U.S. it would be looking towards partnering preferably with an established franchise like Blockbuster. At least it will depend on the success of the initial tests that will be launched in France starting in October.

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