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605 WiFi firmware – bugfixes and new browser features

Posted by Charbax on August 10th, 2007

Archos just released the 605 WiFi firmware v 1.3.03.

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I think that even though this might be a minor feature addition, which is Allow to zoom/unzoom with a double-tap on the touch screen, I think that this may be a very significant clue that Archos and Opera indeed are still working on improving the browser. So we can maybe more likely soon also have a faster scrolling feature, copy and paste, usb keyboard, SWF, streaming music, embedded video and more features to improve the browsing experience.

Download it manually at or install it using the automatic firmware upgrade feature.

Version 1.3.03 – August 10, 2007


  • Web: Allow to zoom/unzoom with a double-tap on the touch screen

  • Web: Allow to select a link with OK when the mouse cursor is over it (Remote Control)

  • Content Portal: Now supports MMS streaming format

  • Photo: Add Digital Camera RAW format support (embedded JPEG only)

  • Recorder: File name now includes the date and time of the recording

  • Video Player: Format and Speed settings apply immediately when selected in the menu

  • GUI: Add Chinese, Dutch and Greek translations

Bug fixes:

  • Audio: Fix an issue with hard drive creating audio glitches that remains until a “pause/play” action

  • Audio: Fix SPDIF compatibility issues with some amplifiers

  • Audio Player: fix WMA 320kbps DRM files did not play correctly

  • Audio Player: fix a “file corrupted” error after long AAC playback

  • Video Player: Do not offer to set a bookmark if the file is not seekable

  • Web: fix some stability issues with Flash

  • EPG: All keys now support autorepeat

  • EPG: Fix manual channel numbering did not survive firmware and/or EPG data update

  • GUI: Last selected item is selected when re-opening the side-menu

  • GUI: Video output stay the same (LCD or TV) when waking-up from stand-by

  • GUI: Firmware update: when asking for DC or USB and USB is plugged, the connect/charge message did appear

  • TV: Don’t switch TV set to 14:9 when using PAL 16:9 format

  • remove system fix virus

    Thanks for sharing such a useful software!

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