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5G may do uploading, VOIP, Flash and more

Posted by Charbax on May 15th, 2007

This picture is on the page 39 of a 2006 reference document that Archos submitted to the french financial markets authority, the document which is available at

Click on the image for the full size image

Amazon, Flickr, Youtube, BitTorrent, Myspace and Skype brands are featured in this document. This doesn’t mean that Archos has partnerships to be announced with any of these large media coorporations, though it might be that certain clever API implementations are in the works to for example easilly upload videos to Youtube and other video hosting sites directly by a 1-click feature on the Archos 5G. Also there might be some special Flickr interface to easilly find and download pictures by tags as well as upload pictures to ones Flickr account. Same idea for accessing content from Amazon, be it audiobooks and videos from Amazons unbox service. I would guess that BitTorrent VOD content is more probably going to be downloaded to a desktop computer or a BitTorrent enabled set-top-box and then that the p2p-downloaded content can be synchronised with the Archos and that it can also include the DRM that is might be used on such VOD services. Skype and other voice and video over IP systems would be impressive on an Archos 5G or later.

HSDPA and a way to stay always connected using HSDPA and Wi-Fi would be great to have it wake-up from sleep mode when there would be an incomming VOIP call.

I spoke with Fon Frances president last week, and he told me he had already spoken with Henri Crohas the boss of Archos, and that a deal between Archos and Fon France was already in place. I guess it’s about implementing automatic log-on for Archos users who also have a Fon account, and for non-Foneros to get easy access to the Fon hotspots by paying for access at the price of 3$ per 24 hours.

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