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Archos on American Airlines

Posted by Charbax on May 3rd, 2007


American Airlines will provide Archos 704 and 604 for free for first class trans-atlantic passengers and for a renting fee for economy class passengers. The Archos will be pre-loaded with content.

What I think:

- That it will probably be of the 704 Wi-Fi and 604 Wi-Fi type but with the Wi-Fi feature disactivated since Wi-Fi is not available really on airplanes yet, since the touch-screen interface is the most user-friendly for users who haven’t used a button-only PMP before.

- That they should have a whole system of docking for recharge and synchronisation, so that users can get the latest episodes of Colbert Report, Daily Show and all those other american TV shows that people would enjoy watching on the airplane, and thus the content could be up to date as well as the latest movies but also a lot of old stuff. All is probably already available to the airline company that is Ameircan Airlines since they already have the content deals that would cover most of that content even that content being recent.

- The airlines should be able to rent those even to economy class passengers, just put an information page or booklet in the seat pocket explaining everyone can rent an Archos for the flight for a reasonable price of like 10$ or 10€ for the flight, even 2-hour flights would be suitable for this kind of service. To prevent theft and damage, the airline can simply make the user sign a simple to read contract basically saying “The user is responsible if coffee, butter or otherwise that the device is damaged”. As well as the flight attendent can take the passport as well as take a print of the users credit card so that each user is responsible with the product and can appreciate the service for that reasonable price.

- The airline and Archos should use this opportunity to also be able to directly sell the 704 Wi-Fi and the 604 Wi-Fi on the airplane for a good tax-free price, just as they are selling other tax-free goods like perfume and chocolates. The price of each can be displayed clearly on the information booklet in the seat pocket, as well as the picture of the 704 and the 604 should be displayed in real-size aspect ratio so that people can make the right choice between the 704 or the 604 to rent or buy on the airplane. Using subscription DRM solution and up-to-date synchronization of content and DRM between the airlines content deals and available online subscription DRM video services, the user should also be able to have his newly bought Archos 604 Wi-Fi or 704 Wi-Fi synched up with all the exact same content that would be on the airplane owned version, but with only about a 3 month included subscription that needs to be renewed with the video content subscription service to enable the user to continue accessing all the content after the introductary included period.

- This first trial should also prepare the larger and more powerfull service and marketing that Archos can do with the upcomming 5th generation in this same way in partnership with the airlines and the airline content and service providers.

- Archos should also be able to do the same kind of partnerships with train and bus companies. Like the TGV SNCF in France and the Greyhound bus company in the USA. In any ways the product can be rented for a reasonable price per ride, theft and damage is guaranteed by holding of the passport and credit card print until the return of the product, and all of this also to achieve a probable very high direct sale also since users who try it during their whole airplane, train or bus ride might want to buy the product to own with the same pre-loaded content.

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