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Posted by Charbax on 25th April 2007

Gizmodo says it will playback HD-downloaded videos.

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Archos 5th generation to come in June

Posted by Charbax on 18th April 2007

According to a press release about Archos partnership with the french top TV channel TF1 (Source in french: 1, 2, 3), the next generation of Archos portable players will start to be available this summer.

According to a recent interview with Henri Crohas available at, the future for Archos is not to produce a phone product, it is to have the complete generation of products connect to the Internet to access content directly without the need of a computer, a set-top-box or a TV. With it’s more Internet functionalities, still Archos will be the leader of technology of a pocket multimedia product working between a computer, a set-top-box and the TV.

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