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FCC releases 704 Wi-Fi information

Posted by Charbax on February 7th, 2007

Engadget points to FCC documents unveiling the 704 Wi-Fi as an upcomming Archos release:

Archos could totally kick UMPCs ass with this device. It’s just a matter of software for the Wi-Fi series getting the few more features added in the firmware that are requested by some users.

Sure a few hardware things can also matter a bit, like the Wi-Fi should be always-on in my opinion in combination with HSDPA connection eigther built-in or using Bluetooth and a HSDPA mobile phone as the modem.

VOIP and IM are the most kind-of basic IP-centric tools I would see could be just great to have working. For IM then just USB or bluetooth full-sized keyboard is needed to be compatible in my opinion because typing a lot of text using the touch-screen is not practical.

Hardware also matter in the case of booting time, possibillity for stand-by time. Then also software thing is the integration of Adbobe’s latest Flash 9 for Linux which is supposed to support better flash video, since Youtube, Google Video and all those other internet video streaming services would simply be great.

One thing I notice from the FCC document is a notice about the chip being DM420, I wonder if that’s the same chip as for the 604 Wi-Fi or if it’s a newer chip, maybe with HD resolution playback support?

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