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First video of the 704 Wi-Fi

Posted by Charbax on 23rd February 2007

This video was posted by brainopera in the forum. He also posted some pictures here.

A few days ago we also got the first pictures of it posted here submitted by Jeffrey Kok in the forum. Those pictures made it to engadget and all over the Internet.

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French Archos podcast featuring Charbax

Posted by Charbax on 17th February 2007

If you understand french, you can listen to an hour and a half long podcast featuring me over at,6589.html

Doing podcasts is fun, so maybe we should start producing some in english here for Check back soon for english speaking Archos related podcasts. And also check back soon for the HD video-review of the 704 Wi-Fi with its 800×480 touch-screen as soon as it is available.

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Archos Generation 4 Sourcecode available for download

Posted by Charbax on 14th February 2007

Archos released the sourcecode of their Generation 4 devices.

Check out the latest in the forum:

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FCC releases 704 Wi-Fi information

Posted by Charbax on 7th February 2007

Engadget points to FCC documents unveiling the 704 Wi-Fi as an upcomming Archos release:

Archos could totally kick UMPCs ass with this device. It’s just a matter of software for the Wi-Fi series getting the few more features added in the firmware that are requested by some users.

Sure a few hardware things can also matter a bit, like the Wi-Fi should be always-on in my opinion in combination with HSDPA connection eigther built-in or using Bluetooth and a HSDPA mobile phone as the modem.

VOIP and IM are the most kind-of basic IP-centric tools I would see could be just great to have working. For IM then just USB or bluetooth full-sized keyboard is needed to be compatible in my opinion because typing a lot of text using the touch-screen is not practical.

Hardware also matter in the case of booting time, possibillity for stand-by time. Then also software thing is the integration of Adbobe’s latest Flash 9 for Linux which is supposed to support better flash video, since Youtube, Google Video and all those other internet video streaming services would simply be great.

One thing I notice from the FCC document is a notice about the chip being DM420, I wonder if that’s the same chip as for the 604 Wi-Fi or if it’s a newer chip, maybe with HD resolution playback support?

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