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ArchosLink v is released

Posted by Charbax on 26th January 2007

Archos is releasing a great Video and Audio podcast downloader PC software called ArchosLink.


The software is now available on the ArchoSphere. (You need to register your Archos product or use your ArchoSphere username and password to log-in to download the software for free)

It’s a great Podcast downloader program for both Video and Audio. It can automatically synch the audio and video podcasts with your Archos, it can auto-download new episodes. It also gives a whole bunch of suggestions for podcasts to subscribe to.

I think they should add BitTorrent RSS support, a clear setting of how many GB to use on the computer, how much download and upload bandwidth to use, a download-manager view so you can manage which files are downloading, pause them, resume and choose priorities, and it should pop-up a little message on the task bar icon when a new download is completed. Then also they should add a “Like it” rating and take the Auto-subscribed feeds into a database so that they could give personalised recommendations to users for new podcasts to subscribe to and new episodes to download. Subscription authentications using password-protected RSS feeds and password protected download access could also give access to some business models for Video and Audio podcasters which I think would be very welcomed.

Since iTunes is becomming illegal now in Norway because of it’s monopolistic DRM tactics, maybe also soon in France and other european countries, then I think that Archos has got an opportunity to release a superior Podcast manager software and solutions for podcasters so that through the software, people start understanding the advantage of Archos hardware in terms of the superior codec compatibillity, DVD resolution playback, DVR compatibillity, and hopefully soon podcasts over Wi-Fi directly to the device.

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PocketDish coverage from CES 2007 in Las Vegas

Posted by Charbax on 14th January 2007

Those AV500E and AV700E have been released a year ago, though there is still no equivalent in terms of being able to transfer recorded DVR content easilly over on a PMP:

CES 2007

Google Video (5m58s)
 HD (154mb)
BitTorrent Use Democracy Player at
BitTorrent stats

Check more of my video coverage from CES 2007 at

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